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Regulatory reform and diffuse source water quality problems in Australia: learning from US experiences

Given the short agricultural history, long lead times and low population density, diffuse source (non-point) water quality problems are only now emerging in Australia. The Great Barrier Reef (Waterhouse et al. 2010), Gippsland Lakes (Roberts et al. 2012), Peel-Harvey Inlet (Summers et al. 1999) and the Murray-Darling system (Ryan et al. 2009) are notable examples, […]

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Posted 22 March 2014 in News

Protecting Ramsar site values

Following on from our recent work, assisting the West Gippsland CMA in the development of the Corner Inlet Water Quality Improvement Plan, Natural Decisions has recently commenced a new project undertaking an INFFER assessment of the Corner Inlet Ramsar site. Corner Inlet is one of 64 wetland areas in Australia that have been recognised under the […]

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Posted 5 March 2014 in News