Protecting Ramsar site values

Following on from our recent work, assisting the West Gippsland CMA in the development of the Corner Inlet Water Quality Improvement Plan, Natural Decisions has recently commenced a new project undertaking an INFFER assessment of the Corner Inlet Ramsar site.

Corner Inlet is one of 64 wetland areas in Australia that have been recognised under the Convention on Wetlands of International Importance, more commonly known as the Ramsar Convention. Corner Inlet was listed as a Ramsar site in December 1982 in recognition of its outstanding coastal wetland values and features.

The Corner Inlet Ramsar site, Image courtesy of Google Earth accessed 7th February 2014.

The Corner Inlet Ramsar site – image courtesy of Google Earth, accessed 7th February 2014.

The West Gippsland CMA has received funding from the Australian Government to implement a project that aims to protect key ecological values of the Corner Inlet Ramsar site. The site contains many important values, including wetland mega-habitat types (seagrass, intertidal sand or mud flats, mangroves, saltmarshes and permanent shallow marine water) and significant populations of waterbirds, including a diversity of migratory shorebirds. The first phase of the INFFER assessment will be to identify the most significant assets (and their values) within Corner Inlet and then prioritise the nominated assets. This will be followed by a detailed benefit: cost analysis of two priority assets.

It promises to be a very interesting project. Stay tuned for the results!

Posted 5 March 2014 in News