Natural Decisions is a small independent company providing professional services to address real-world environmental decision-making problems in a creative and participatory way. Our strength is in helping people to think differently and focus on achieving tangible outcomes. We help clients in government, NGOs and the private sector to make informed decisions about cost-effective investments in protecting environmental assets, trade-offs between environmental and production outcomes and policy choices.  We provide tailored training and/or supporting technical analysis to guide decision-making. We also facilitate community groups and other small organisations to attract environmental funding.  Our research integration experience and global networks enable us to work in partnership to provide options for solving complex environmental problems.


Informed, independent and practical environmental decision-making support for the public and private sectors.


To improve environmental decision-making through independent, high-quality, rigorous, creative and practical options for governments, non-government organisations (NGOs), the private sector and community groups.


Integrity, honesty, professionalism, openness, endurance, team-work/collaboration.

We are passionate about getting the best outcomes from environmental investment and in making a difference to improve the way environmental decisions are made.  We have excellent scientific and technical skills across a range of disciplines (economics, ecology, agriculture) and a track record of working in knowledge integration, research and collaboration.

Our company is small enough to operate in a responsive and highly-effective way with both public and private organisations. We develop flexible approaches to solve decision-making problems and can draw upon leading experts as required. We have long-term and trusted relationships in all Australian states and a number of countries globally.

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