INFFER™ is a tool for developing and prioritising projects to address environmental issues such as reduced water quality, biodiversity, environmental pests and land degradation. It is designed to help environmental managers achieve the most valuable environmental outcomes with the available resources.

Around the world, environmental organisations that rely on grant funding face a similar challenge: how to get the best and most needed results from the limited resources that they have available. At the same time, governments that provide these funds wish to be able to decide which projects will deliver the most valuable environmental outcomes, but often lack the information needed to make these decisions.

This is where INFFER comes in, enabling environmental managers to set clear priorities and develop robust, compelling project proposals, and investors to assess project proposals based on effective, relevant criteria that simplify decision making.

Everyone involved in protecting the environment wants to make the best use of the money that is available, but the issues are complex and it is difficult to tell what would be “best”. The development of INFFER was motivated by a belief that we could achieve a lot more with the available resources if they were allocated well and projects were well thought through and well designed.

INFFER assists decision makers to assess and rank environmental and natural resource projects, comparing aspects such as value for money, degrees of confidence in technical information and the likelihood of achieving stated goals.

INFFER aims to help people determine whether the environmental/natural resource projects they are investing in will deliver tangible results within budget; whether the tools and technical capacity needed to attain those results will be available to the project; and whether the people who need to come on board to make it happen will be there when the time comes for action.

INFFER is a comprehensive tool – all the necessary documents, examples, FAQs and other information is available at INFFER website –