Protecting Apollo Bay’s drinking water through catchment management

Natural Decisions recently completed a project to better protect the Barham water supply catchment. The work was conducted in partnership with Naturallogic  ( and Water Futures ( The Barham catchment, in the southern Victorian Otways region, supplies drinking water to the communities of Apollo Bay, Marengo and Skenes Creek, and surrounding rural settlements.  A participatory […]

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Posted 14 October 2021 in News

Embracing environmental accounting

In 2020 Natural Decisions has been pleased to work with Kilter Rural in support of their work to develop environmental accounts for their properties in northern Victoria. We have a long and productive collaboration with Kilter Rural, which extends back to 2004 when they first established their FFL Winlaton farmlands near Lake Boga. On 9000 […]

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Posted 22 December 2020 in News

Implications of climate change for horticulture in the Mallee

Higher summer temperatures and greater frequency of extreme temperature events are major climate change related threats in the Mallee.   A project, funded by DELWP, Agriculture Victoria and the Mallee CMA, was developed to model yield impacts on irrigated horticulture crops (citrus, grapes and almonds) under current and future (2030, 2050 and 2070) climate scenarios and […]

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Posted 14 July 2020 in News

Embedding Climate Change Adaptation in Agriculture in North East Victoria

Anna Roberts and Geoff Park have led a major project with the North East Catchment Management Authority (CMA) in partnership with Spatial Vision, Bridge Logic and Meridian Agriculture. The work was funded by the Australian Government through the National Landcare Program and forms the basis of a multi-year project to help agricultural industries, local government […]

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Posted 2 September 2019 in News

Fire and filtration – bushfire and drinking water quality

INFFER benefit:cost analysis for Melbourne’s water supply catchments Natural Decisions is leading work with Melbourne Water to protect critical water supply catchments through addressing threats from bushfires and a range of other threats (human, pest animals and agriculture). We have used a participatory approach, latest science, development of an innovative approach to quantify bushfire risk […]

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Posted 5 April 2019 in News

Evaluating grants, incentives and extension

Natural Decisions was recently engaged by Hunter Local Land Services (Hunter LLS) in NSW to evaluate their Land Management Grants Program (LMGP). An internal process review of the grants program suggests a number of improvements or changes could be made to the administration and delivery of the program.  In addition to the process review there […]

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Posted 28 November 2018 in News

Incentives, grazing practices and the Great Barrier Reef

The topic of incentives features regularly in our work. Anna Roberts from Natural Decisions has recently contributed to a collaborative project to support the trial and evaluation of new incentive approaches as part of the ‘Landholders Driving Change (LDC) Burdekin Major Integrated Project’ funded by the Queensland Government through the Queensland Reef Water Quality Program. […]

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Posted 9 October 2018 in News

Join the dots … and win a prize!

For the recent AARES conference in Adelaide, Maksym Polyakov did a wonderfully creative poster presenting research on optimal targeting of ecological restoration, that involved members of the Natural Decisions team. There is a small image of the poster below, but if you want to see the details, go here. (Scroll down when you get there to see […]

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Posted 14 February 2018 in News

Climate change impact modelling

Back in 2014 Natural Decisions worked with Spatial Vision Innovations on a project called NRM Planning for Climate Change. The project was led by the Corangamite Catchment Management Authority on behalf of seven Victorian CMAs. One of the key outputs of the project was a suite of mapping products showing modelled data and information on […]

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Posted 12 December 2017 in News

Building the business case for NRM investment

Back in May 2013, when we started Natural Decisions, one of our key aims was to assist organisations to develop strong business cases for environmental investment. As the ‘landscape’ for environmental investment becomes increasingly competitive it is becoming more important for organisations to develop proposals that are designed to deliver cost-effective outcomes. One of our […]

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Posted 27 October 2017 in News