We tailor programs to meet client needs, from single day workshops on environmental decision making principles, to week-long intensive  courses, covering a diversity of topics in-depth.


1. Introduction to environmental decision making

  • Integrating science and economics
2. Evaluating environmental investments
  • Approaches to decision making
  • Values & threats
  • Intervention effectiveness
  • Time, discounting and costs
  • Landholder adoption
  • Risk & uncertainty
  • Evaluation metrics
  • Choice and evaluation of tools and models
3.  INFFER (Investment Framework for Environmental Resources)
4. Public:Private Benefits Framework
5. Project design – thinking about scale, SMART goals, intervention choice and quality assurance
6. Integrating community and expert knowledge
7. Interdisciplinary and participatory approaches
8. Integrating science and policy
9. Adaptive management, monitoring and evaluation
10. Cost:Benefit Analysis