Water quality in the Bow River

The Natural Decisions team is working on a fascinating project associated with the Bow River in Alberta, Canada. In partnership with the Land Stewardship Centre of Canada, the team is involved in an assessment of the costs and benefits of achieving a range of water quality objectives for the river.

Bow River2

The magic Bow River rises in the Canadian Rockies before flowing out into the Albertan prairie.

The Bow River watershed is over 25,000 square kilometres in size, or more than 4% of the province of Alberta. The Bow River extends from its alpine headwaters of the west through a variety of ecosystems to its confluence with the Oldman River and forming the South Saskatchewan River in the prairies of eastern Alberta. Elevated Phosphorus levels from increasing urban and industrial development are a major challenge facing the health of the river.

Bow River

The Bow River catchment.

Stay tuned for some preliminary results in coming months.

Posted 22 July 2013 in News