Social values in bushfire management decision making

Bushfire management involves making decisions about complex issues that involve people, communities, stakeholders and organisations with many different values, perceptions and objectives, and who variably and differentially bear some of the costs and benefits involved in most strategies and actions undertaken.

The Natural Decisions team has just commenced a new project for the Bushfire CRC and the Victorian Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI) to conduct an integrated assessment of the costs and benefits of different bushfire management options.

Regeneration in the Brisbane Ranges following 2006 bushfire.

Regeneration in the Brisbane Ranges following 2006 bushfire.

DEPI intends to trial the use of  INFFER , to improve its ability to assess how effectively different management options address a range of values and objectives.  The trial will occur in the East Central Bushfire Risk Landscape planning area, including parts of Melbourne and areas to the east of Melbourne.

The project will use the current INFFER framework as the basis for developing a decision-making framework tailored for fire management decision-making.



Posted 4 January 2014 in News