Landmark paper published on assessing the net benefits of achieving water quality targets in the southern Great Barrier Reef

Natural Decisions in partnership with Craig Beverly, Graeme Doole and Fred Bennett have published a landmark publication describing a method to estimate the feasibility and net profit (or net costs) of achieving set water quality targets (sediment, nitrogen, phosphorus and herbicide load reductions) in the Burnett-Mary region within the southern portion of the Great Barrier Reef. The work has been used to underpin the Burnett-Mary Water Quality Improvement Plan. The work is significant because it has managed to integrate paddock and catchment scale modelling along with information on landholder adoption and financial implications in a robust and transparent way to assess the costs of achieving water quality reduction targets. A full version of the paper can be found at


Looking over ‘cane country’ in the Burnett-Mary catchment

Posted 26 September 2016 in News