Building the business case for NRM investment

Back in May 2013, when we started Natural Decisions, one of our key aims was to assist organisations to develop strong business cases for environmental investment.

As the ‘landscape’ for environmental investment becomes increasingly competitive it is becoming more important for organisations to develop proposals that are designed to deliver cost-effective outcomes.

One of our key tools, INFFER (Investment Framework for Environmental Resources), is specifically tailored to assist in the development of funding bids and investment proposals. Over the past decade we have used INFFER to collaborate with and help many organisations – regional NRM groups, NGOs, community groups, water corporations and all levels of government. INFFER has been used across a wide range of issues  such as water quality, biodiversity and habitat protection, threatened species, pest plants and animals, river health and bushfire management to list a few.

INFFER is a comprehensive framework that assists decision makers to assess and rank environmental and natural resource projects, comparing aspects such as value for money, degrees of confidence in technical information and the likelihood of achieving stated goals. Through our experience in applying the framework and building a better understanding of the needs and aspirations of the organisations we have worked with, INFFER has evolved to the extent it can now be used in a very flexible way to assist with project development, analysis and decision making.

If your organisation is currently involved in thinking about new projects, funding proposals or investment case development we’d be very happy to discuss how Natural Decisions may be able to assist.


Posted 27 October 2017 in News