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Current Projects

  • North Central CMA and Coliban Water – Integrated Catchment Management Plan for the Upper Coliban Catchment
  • Land Stewardship Centre Canada – Utilising INFFER as a Decision Support Tool for Agri-environmental Programming in Brazeau County, Alberta
  • Waikato River Authority NZ – INFFER and project prioritisation support
  • Australian Institute of Marine Science – INFFER analysis for Crown of Thorns Starfish outbreak control
  • Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC and Victorian DELWP – Social values in bushfire management decision making (INFFER Project)
  • Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council Limited (AFAC) and Forest and Fire Management Group: National Burning Project (subproject 2)
    ‘Report on an analysis of the tools and methodologies available to balance competing objectives of burning programs and matching these to users’
  • Melbourne Water –  Melbourne Water owned land – prioritisation framework (INFFER)
  • Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning (Victoria) – Developing options for resourcing the ongoing management of fenced riparian land
  • Mount Alexander Shire – Review of Land Management Rebate Program
  • Melbourne Water – Source Water Catchment Protection (INFFER and CMIS)
  • Connecting Country – Woodland bird INFFER analysis review
  • West Gippsland CMA – Perry River Integrated Catchment Management Project Development – in partnership with Blue Sense Consulting

Completed projects


  • Kingborough Council (Tas) – Bruny Island Cat Control (INFFER analysis)
  • Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (Qld) – Costs of achieving the water quality targets for the Great Barrier Reef (As part of a consortium led by Alluvium Consulting)
  • NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (Office of Environment and Heritage) – Evaluation of the Enhanced Bushfire Management Program
  • North East Catchment Management Authority – Landscape condition monitoring & reporting (with Patten Bridge/Bridge Logic)
  • Burnett-Mary Regional Group (Qld) – Evaluation and Final Review (Reef Programme)
  • North Central CMA – Review of Landcare/Community Grants Program
  • NQ Dry Tropics – Burdekin Water Quality Improvement Plan (INFFER analysis)


  • Department of Environment/National Landcare Advisory Committee (NLAC) – Understanding and identifying the economic impacts of investment in the National Landcare Programme activities
  • SEQ Catchments – Catchment Action Planning (INFFER analysis)
  • North Central CMA – Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Plan
  • West Gippsland CMA – Climate Change Planning support
  • Department of Environment and Primary Industries (Vic) – Investigation of the cost-sharing and funding allocation approaches used in Victorian riparian management programs
  • East Gippsland CMA – Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Plan


  • Burnett-Mary Regional Group – Water Quality Improvement Plan
  • Burnett-Mary Regional Group – Climate Change Planning support
  • West Gippsland CMA – Regional Waterway Strategy (planning support)
  • Terrain NRM – Wet Tropics Water Quality Improvement Plan (INFFER analysis component)
  • West Gippsland CMA – INFFER analysis for Gippsland Plains Grassy Woodlands and Alpine Peat-bogs (with RMCG)
  • Corangamite CMA (on behalf of 7 Victorian CMAs) – NRM and Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment (with Spatial Vision)


  • West Gippsland CMA – INFFER analysis for the Corner Inlet Ramsar site
  • Land Stewardship Centre (Alberta, Canada) – INFFER analysis for threatened bird species (Sage Grouse)
  • Northern Gulf NRM – INFFER training
  • Department of Environment & Primary Industries – Development of a Waterway Benefit: Cost Scoring Tool
  • West Gippsland CMA – Waterway prioritisation for Regional Waterway Strategy.
  • North Central CMA – Waterway prioritisation for Regional Waterway Strategy.
  • Corner Inlet Water Quality Improvement Plan – INFFER analysis and underpinning bio-economic modelling.
  • Greening Australia QLD – Improving Gold Coast vegetation through seed supply
  • INFFER analyses for the Wimmera Catchment Management Authority to assist development of Biodiversity Fund applications.
  • INFFER assessment for conserving woodland birds in the Mount Alexander Shire in central Victoria for Connecting Country.
  • Water quality assessment for the Bow River in Alberta in partnership with the Land Stewardship Centre of Canada.
  • Development of application form and assessment methodology for the Living Victoria Fund – Office of Living Victoria.
  • Asset identification and priority setting for the Western Australian Rangelands NRM Plan.
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Evaluation of landholder adoption in NRM projects is crucial to design and implementation.